The Underground Lab.

In an underground lab located somewhere in the frigid tundra of Alaska, an unnamed and highly intoxicated scientist is on a quest to genetically engineer The Gooney Toons. For what is the purpose of creating 2 meter tall upright walking beast? Some say this is a twisted nostalgia trip fuelled by too much LSD, or maybe it’s that some men just want to see the world burn... At the hands of cartoon animals.

Gooney Toons Origin.

Available on the Solana blockchain, there are 5,000 unique Gooneys created along with a captivating comic storyline plot and watch your Gooneys come to life . Holding a Gooney NFT grants you access to an exclusive Discord community, comic book vault, airdrops, staking, and other exciting opportunities in the future.

After Dr. Alejandro's reality altering-beasts, known as the gooneys escaped their frigid lab in Alaska, they made their presence known. They feasted upon heroes that were once regarded as gods, making short work of Earth's saviors. Hope turned into despair which succumbed to the masses, but there is one final chance to reclaim the Earth using Dr. Alejandro's genome altering shaft, aka GAS or Mutation Device to create....

The Nasty Goons.

Although Nasty Goons appear to be harmless, they possess all of the powers of their gooney counterparts. One significant difference is that they have a heart, and only a Nasty Goon can defeat a Gooney.

This Nasty Goon collection will have a total supply of 4444, it is created for collectors, comic enthusiasts and NFT enthusiasts. The Nasty Goon NFT’s are designed for holders to use it as a profile picture that they can proudly use as their social media profile picture and their personal avatars in the metaverse, with a clean aesthetic designed compared to the previously collection.

The team plans to roll out more use cases for holders who support the projects, with that in mind...

Popular Tools & Utilities.

The team & community is committed in creating a rich and diverse ecosystem for holders to enjoy...

Join To Our Community.

Passionate & talented community - The Gooney community has the most OG members within the Solana ecosystem who are passionate about Kamikaze's art along with the storytelling behind them. Many members of the community have stepped up throughout the year by leading ecosystem-wide AMAs, building tools available to all, educating the masses, etc... The Gooney Toons brand was born in Web3 - an ecosystem that represents decentralization, ownership, and community. The Nasty Goon aims to be a community-lead project where the art will live forever on the Solana blockchain and the IP ownership belonging to the holders.